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Predictive text is not the same as it is fine but it will probably get you sent to a couple of weeks later and you will have not received anything from the email address so I will let ya in on my way back from the office tomorrow and will pick it up from the house I can do a couple of things with that email address if we have any issues with the other night and I can get you some details on it if I have time I can pick you something out somewhere and then go to get back with you and then we will have a lunch break from the office and get some wine for dinner tonight if you want to come over and then we will have dinner at your moms house or something else if you need anything let me know when I get there and I will pick up some food for you guys and then we will have to take a little bit of time to get you home and get some rest and then take a tomato sandwich for lunch or dinner or after lunch or something we could go get back with me and then go to pick her up 

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