Sometimes we write words sometimes we don’t

Sometimes we write words sometimes we don’t

Sometimes we write, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we have something to say, something to think about. Sometimes we choose silence. We remain still watching, listening but not saying anything about any, thing. Sometimes we say too much and others not enough. Sometimes things are better left unsaid, or so they say. Sometimes things need to be said that are not and sometimes we are lost for words. Sometimes they tell us one thing and they actually mean another, but then sometimes we do the same. Sometimes the words they speak cut to the heart of the matter, sometimes they just cut deep. Sometimes they bounce off us like Teflon, other times they do not. Sometimes the words linger on, remaining in the corners of our mind to haunt us as the most inconvenient moment. Sometimes the right word at the right time can make all the difference. Sometimes the right words are no words at all. Some of the best lines have never be said. Some of the best lines remain unwritten. Someone somewhere is writing the very words that will change everything, and someone somewhere just pressed delete. Sometimes it’s just best to write, even if you can’t find the words. Sometimes the words find you. Sometimes they don’t. 

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  • Inspiring!  Thank you.  I fully agree that we should just write (or draw,or paint,or take photos) even if we can't find the words...never use taht as an excuse to do nothing!

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