That fear of failure

That fear of failure

This morning I’m filled with equanimity after completing my meditation practice. Yet, before I started, I was filled with doubt that I couldn’t engage the focus of meditation!

 So it is with creativity. Creativity is the expression, the manifestation of our spirits …it’s for that reason our spirits reside in our bodies for a period on Earth. So many acts that our bodies and minds perform are acts of creation…we are here to create. But, in the same way that I was filled with doubt this morning, so it is with the practice of creativity; doubt that my body and mind will not be able. Fear that my creation will attract ridicule and scorn.

 Be aware, it’s fear that suppresses creativity. We’ve all attracted criticism and scorn in our lives. That fear we maybe first encountered in the classroom, reinforced throughout our education, will tell us we cannot create. But we all have that power to rise above that fear if we take the first step.

 Pick up that pen. Pick up that pencil, pick up that brush, that crayon. Pick up that camera or ballet shoes or whatever tools you use to manifest your creation. Pick up that guitar or open your lips and sing. Create! Create! Create!

 Remember, all the great treasures of creation that now fill us with awe were born in doubt. Before that first stroke, fear filled the mind. It sharpened the mind so love could express itself and flow…and flow…and flow…and so another masterpiece was born.

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