When we step

When we step
when we step out into this realm it seems so distant so void of anything like how it was meant to be, the dream has become unhinged and so have we
we post ourselves out for the social acclaim of a micro moment and instantly forget how prescribed and dissonant it has all become
the illusion of grandeur from a delusion so ostensibly fragmented and fragile we crack internally whilst projecting a false reality out into the void for others to validate and postulate against
our entire reality validated against the propagated false reality of the Silicon Valley leaders of the unfree world. A new currency we run holding out our hands to, waiting to taste the dripping on our parched tongue
our words and thoughts become sensors our realities become virtual and we all but disappear entirely as the everyday robots start to rust and the program becomes corrupt
abstinence from the social engagement is neither a noticeable protest nor a way off the grid
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